About Flora Cannabis

Flora Cannabis Company is a state licensed manufacturing, distribution, cultivation, and dispensary business located in Blythe and Riverside County California. We have developed our company to be a vertically integrated business that supplies a variety of services from cannabis transportation, wholesale procurement, toll processing, white labeling, contract packaging, product development, manufacturing, and retail management.
Flora Cannabis Company currently holds a license in Riverside County California for a cannabis microbusiness, which consists of a 2,500 square foot recreational and medical cannabis dispensary, 10,000 sq. ft. cultivation, and 1,500 square foot type 6 manufacturing license. Additionally the facility will be housed with a community room to educate the public and hold events to support the surrounding area. The property is located on the border of Blythe, CA and is only one of 3 retail facilities in the area. With this project being built from the ground up Flora Cannabis Company has been able to develop a state of the art facility that will implement all practices under one roof to be vertically integrated.
Currently Flora Cannabis Company maintains an annual Type 6 manufacturing license in Blythe, CA that produces a variety of products. From water based to mechanically pressed extractions we provide all non-volatile products
From many years of developed relationships and proven reliability to maintain and source quality products, Flora Cannabis Company provides California companies with wholesale and retail supply chain management. Additionally our fleet of state licensed vehicles help support statewide transportation of cannabis products for licensed entities. Implementing strict testing, tax fulfillment, and inventory management procedures gives our clients ease of mind that all state regulations are being handled correctly and makes implementing selling products easier.

Our products are scientifically formulated
with the highest quality ingredients.



1: Solventless all natural mechanically pressed Rosin
2: Pressed from drysift to maintain the highest quality possible


Shatter, Crumble & Wax

Medical grade extraction techniques used that are tested to state standards to provide the cleanest most effective product possible


Bubble Hash

1: Ice water extracted flower and sugar trim washed hash
2: 78, 90, and 120 micron filtered


3rd-Party Lab Tested

All our products are 3rd-party lab tested to ensure quality & safety

High-Quality Products

Featured Products

Flora Cannabis Company is excited to announce the release of our new signature line of pre-rolls made from 100% flower and no shake! We will be offering two separate products being our 1.5 gram KINGS Hash Rolls along with our infused Trichome Drips pre-rolls that are brushed in distillate and rolled in premium dry-sift.
What Makes our Pre-Rolls Different Than Others?
  • Every piece is hand rolled and the exact amount of concentrates are applied to all pieces to guarantee consistency with every batch.
  • We only make small batches of no more than 1,000 pre-rolls at a time to maintain freshness of the flower and concentrates.

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