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Flora Cannabis Company was established in 2016 as a cannabis manufacturing and distribution licensee in the City of Blythe, CA.

About Flora Cannabis

Flora Cannabis Company was established in 2016 as a cannabis manufacturing and distribution licensee in the City of Blythe, CA. Having grown from the original manufacturing and distribution facility Flora Cannabis Company is now a vertically integrated entity with an additional microbusiness license in Riverside County, CA that will contain a retail, cultivation, and manufacturing operation.
Travis Pollock the entities sole owner has an extensive history in the legal cannabis industry stemming from his first operations in Colorado beginning in 2009. Being an advocate first Mr. Pollock’s goals are to maintain a quality service at an affordable price. From many years of successfully operating in other states Flora Cannabis Company was developed to become a leader in the California market through a proven history of compliance, safety, and operational management. Flora Cannabis Company plans to continue building its brand throughout the state of California and be a reliable resource for quality service and products.

Travis Pollock

Travis Pollock has over ten years of experience in the medical and recreational cannabis industry, which began in 2009 by opening his first state licensed dispensary in Durango, Colorado. Being one of the first licenses to operate in this community Mr. Pollock was instrumental in implementing safe business practices that helped bring awareness and educate individuals in regards to the use of medical marijuana in the community. Assisting over four hundred patients as their primary caregiver and dispensary Natures Own Wellness Center Durango was the leading medical marijuana facility in La Plata County. Along with operating a dispensary in 2009 Travis Pollock was also owner of multiple licensed cultivation facilities in Durango and Denver Colorado. These cultivation sites varied in size from 3,000 square feet up to 20,000 square feet and consisted of indoor and outdoor cultivation practices. The facility located at 2744 W 4th Ave in Denver Colorado consisted of 20,000 plus square feet of indoor cultivation while the cultivation site at 979 D-Bar-K Dr in Durango Colorado was a mixed use farm with indoor and outdoor cultivation uses. Along with managing the operations of the dispensary and cultivation locations Mr. Pollock also helped advocate on behalf of patients and caregivers in the community. Being the director of Southwest Safe Access Mr. Pollock was responsible for implementing resources for patients, raising awareness in the community, hosting educational seminars, handling government relations, and advocating on behalf of medical marijuana caregivers. In  2010 Natures Own Wellness Center expanded to Cortez Colorado and opened a second dispensary location at 21 W 1st St. In June of 2011 Travis Pollock was selected to the City of Cortez Ad Hoc Committee to help represent as a current operator in the community in forming new rules and regulations. Originally being from Arizona Mr. Pollock was also elected as Director of Accessible Arizona a non-profit medical marijuana advocacy group in September of 2011. Helping assist advocate for the passing of proposition 203 and educate local municipalities on drafting reasonable zoning regulations Travis Pollock participated in the passage of Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Act. Upon the passage of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act in 2012 Mr. Pollock was a board member for two-non profit corporations that gained licenses through a competitive selection process. These licenses gained are located in Central Phoenix and the other one is in Superior Arizona.  Both of these operations consist of dispensary, cultivation, and processing facilities. Additionally during Arizona’s licensing process in 2012 Mr. Pollock assisted several applicants through the process of submitting for state licensing. Being an Arizona licensed real estate agent with knowledge as a cannabis operator Travis Pollock helped many groups with property acquisition, local licensing, government relations, and state licensing.

Upon being selected for the licenses obtained in Arizona Travis Pollock sold Natures Own Wellness Center to a group of dispensary operators and investors based out of Colorado. In the summer of 2013 Bloom Dispensary and Superior Organics were opened in downtown Phoenix and Superior Arizona. Through the experience of opening and gaining licenses in multiple states Travis Pollock also developed a privileged license consulting firm in 2012 called Pollockos Advisors which has since been changed to AZ Premier Management to help prospective clients through the process of gaining state licensed recreational and medical cannabis licenses. Focusing on building his consulting firm Travis Pollock relinquished his board membership on both Arizona licenses in 2014. Since 2014 Mr. Pollock has helped clients pursue and obtain cannabis licenses in Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Michigan, Ohio, California, and Oklahoma. AZ Premier Management is a leading consulting firm in the cannabis industry and currently works with clients across the United States. Mr. Pollock also owns a real estate investment firm named MMJ Properties which focuses on gaining compliant properties for the cannabis industry and is the owner of Flora Cannabis Company a manufacturing and distribution facility in Blythe CA, and dispensary and cultivation license in Riverside County, CA. Having many years of experience from different aspects of the industry Mr. Pollock has established himself as a leading representative in the cannabis consulting and investment community. As more states pass laws allowing cannabis licensing Mr. Pollock will continue to grow with the rapidly expanding movement. Having the framework of many years of experience Mr. Pollock is capable and ready to help implement the best practices possible for success in the industry.

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City Council nix Flora cannabis dispensary: Assert El Rancho Verde and Have A Heart as Blythe’s only approved dispensary licensees

On March 21, the Blythe City Council convened at City Hall for a Special Meeting and doubled-down on last week’s unanimous decision to reject staff’s recommended second-place applicant Flora Holding Group for a commercial cannabis dispensary license in favor of approving fourth-place applicants El Rancho Verde, LLC. The respective placing’s were in accordance to the City of Blythe’s established four-phase commercial cannabis license applica...

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Blythe’s 1st operational canna-business: Flora set to pay taxes this month, eyes future retail

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Blythe’s first cannabis business permits issued: Council approves Flora Holding Group

At the Feb. 13 City Council meeting at City Hall, Flora Holding Group owner Travis Pollock, of Perris, California, became the first publicly approved entity to receive commercial cannabis business permits from the City of Blythe. The permits approved were for commercial cannabis manufacturing and distribution in Blythe, to be issued fully once the site has been inspected and a Certificate of Occupancy is issued by the City of Blythe Building ...

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